10/21/20: The Very Beginning…

I first remember seeing comic books in a spinner rack in a 7-11 that I could walk to from my apartment. I was fascinated with the stories and art and became condition sensitive almost immediately. I did not have access to a comic book store… Read More

5/28/20: Greg’s Corner #3- The Buys Continued

The North Georgia Collection: When I got the call from North Georgia I was skeptical. Even structurally high grade books from the south are known for bad paper, which causes a lower technical grade. But there was something compelling about the gentleman on the other… Read More

4/14/20: Greg’s Corner #2- The Buys

“Sante Fe, New Mexico” collection:      I had a deal pretty much in place for this collection out of Santa Fe, New Mexico but when I got there and really inspected the books, they just weren’t quite as nice as they appeared in scans…. Read More

4/7/20: Alex’s Anecdotes – Stuck In The Mountains

One of the most memorable events from our travels is the time that Dad and I drove across the country to Los Angeles for WonderCon. C2E2 in Chicago was the weekend directly preceding WonderCon, and being from the East Coast we decided it made sense… Read More